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In life, lasting friendships can provide much needed support and solace—in hard times and even in death. The jazz piece, “Beyond Words,” pays tribute to a true gift of friendship embodied in Harry Lyn Huff. Affectionately known and beloved as “Prince Harry,” Harry touched many lives; he was not only a brilliant musician, but also a great man. When Harry died unexpectedly, many people said of his passing, “There are no words.” “Beyond Words” thus expresses both the collective reverence for Harry–only augmented in death–and the composer’s personal admiration for Harry’s legacy of musical artistry, exuberance, and compassion.

“Beyond Words” is to be included on the forthcoming jazz album, Good Evening, Friends: A Jam Session. Along with musical tributes to a variety of people, the compilation will continue to feature the artistry of Willie Sordillo, among other jazz musicians. Your donation will enable the realization of this album. As a gift of appreciation, you will receive not only a CD copy of “Beyond Words” but also a CD copy of the Good Evening, Friends album, when completed — gratis and with free shipping to anywhere in the Continental US. For more information and updates about the recording, please visit the homepage of this website: www.erikgmusic.com

Also available as an .mp3 download.

Music composition:

Cover Artwork:

  • Faceted (mixed media on canvas) © Allison Coelho Picone. All rights reserved. www.allisonpicone.com
  • Design: Jeremy Spiegel

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