List of Works

Game of Hands (2018) for piano solo

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Give Ear, O Lord (2009) for solo voice, mixed choir, and organ

Text: Psalm 86:6-7 (RSV)

Give Thanks for Life (2009) for mixed choir with descant and organ

Words: Shirley Erena Murray. Words set by permission of Hope Publishing Company.

Glory Be to God (1999, revised 2005) for congregation and organ

Text: Traditional, from the Mass ordinary

God Offers Christ to Mend the Earth: A Hymn (2005) for congregation and organ

Words: Pamela Payne

Granogue: Variations on a Theme (2009) for organ solo

Commission: Commissioned by Sean O’Donnell

Grant Them Eternal Rest (2007, revised 2012) for organ solo
Grant Them Eternal Rest (alt. ver.) (2014) for violoncello and organ
Hark! A Thrilling Voice Is Sounding (2008, revised 2009) for mixed choir with descant and organ

Words: unknown; English translation by Edward Caswall.

Hearken, O Lord (alt. ver. of Give Ear, O Lord) (2009) for solo voice, mixed choir, and organ

Text: Psalm 86:6-7; English translation by Robert Alter. Translation set by permission of Georges Borchardt, Inc.

Homage (2004, revised 2010) for piano solo

“Hope” Is the Thing… (2017) for soprano, mezzo soprano, and piano2:58 min.

Text from “‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers” by Emily Dickinson

Hour of Banquet and Song (2003) for brass, mixed choir, and organ

Words: Horatius Bonar

How Firm a Foundation (2003, revsied 2009) for mixed choir with descant and alto solo and organ

Words: Richard Keen; Tune: LYONS (Michael Haydn)

How Great My Joy! (2010) for solo voice(s) and unaccompanied men's choir

Words: German, traditional; English translation by Theodore Baker, Hugh Keyte, and Andrew Parrott. Translation set by permission of Oxford University Press.

I’d Rather Be… (2010, revised 2012) for piano solo

I Lift up My Eyes (2005) for unaccompanied mixed choir

Text: Psalm 121

Improvisations on AMERICA, THE BEAUTIFUL (2019) for organ solo

TUNE: Samuel A. Ward

Dedication: for Jeffrey Mead

Commission: Commissioned by Adriana Repetto, Soprano

In Flanders Fields (2006, revised 2019) for voice and piano

Words: John McCrae

Intercessions (2016) for soloists and organ
solo writing for flute, violoncello, oboe, alto saxophone, and treble voice
Intermezzo (2004) for violin or oboe, violin, and violoncello
In the Bleak Midwinter (1989) for mixed choir with alto solo and piano

Words: Christina Rossetti

Into the Light (2011, revised 2014) for violoncello and organ

Dedication: For Sam Ou, violoncello and Harry Huff, organ; in memory of Reverend Peter J. Gomes, Memorial Church, Harvard University

Invitation Prayer (2005) for unaccompanied mixed choir

Words by composer

I Thank You (2002, revised 2006) for voice and piano

Words: Fred Ebb; Tune: John Kander. Song arranged by permission of Bro ‘N Sis Music, Inc.