Keyboard Works

Sea-Fever (2008, revised 2013) for voice and piano
Seascape (2003, revsied 2011) for piano solo
Servant Song (2007) for handbells, violoncello, congregation, and piano
Sing Alleluia! (2002, revised 2002) for brass, timpani, mixed choir, and organ
Solace (2009, revised 2010) for saxophone and piano
The Spider (2011) for piano solo
Spirit of Love: A Hymn (2007, revised 2012) for congregation and organ
Spirit of Love (alt. ver.) (2008, revised 2009) for female voice and piano
Spring Returns (2009, revised 2010) for piano solo
Still Be Our God (2014, revised 2015) for brass, percussion, solo voice, congregation, mixed choir, and piano
A Summer’s Afternoon (2008, revised 2019) for piano solo
Take My Gifts: A Hymn (2009, revised 2010) for congregation and organ
A Theme for Peace (…may peace be our theme) (2015, revised 2019) for piano solo
Thanks to the Gracious Christ: A Hymn (2007) for congregation and organ
Toccata (2004, revised 2012) for organ solo
Topaz: A Prelude (2012, revised 2019) for piano solo
To Sing to a Butterfly (2012, revised 2016) for piano solo
Turn Back, O Man (2018) for congregation, mixed choir with descant, and organ
Unexpected and Mysterious (2001) for soprano, mixed choir, and organ
The Unknown Soldier (2008, revised 2009) for men's choir and piano
Un petit cadeau (2011) for soprano saxophone and piano
Wedding Bouquet (2010, revised 2013) for piano solo
When Love is Found (2006, revised 2009) for flute, voice, and piano
When Words Fail Me: A Prayer Without Words (2019) for violoncello and piano
Winter Blues (2018) for piano solo