Chamber Works

Allegro appassionato (2007, revised 2015) for violin, violoncello, and piano
At the Vineyard (2005) for soprano saxophone and piano
At the Vineyard (alt. ver.) (2005, revised 2008) for tenor trombone and piano
August Wedding (or Adagio espressivo) (2007, revised 2007) for violin, violoncello, and piano
Berceuse (2003) for flute and piano or harp
Beyond Words (2017) for alto saxophone and piano

(with lead sheet available)

Dedication: in memoriam – Harry Lyn Huff

Blessed Are the Dead (2016) for flute, French horn, violoncello, tenor solo, mixed choir, and organ

Text: Revelation 14:13 (NRSV), traditional

Danse (2002, revised 2004) for oboe or soprano saxophone and violoncello
Fanfare (2018) for small brass ensemble and timpani
First Christmas (2011) for flute, violoncello, and piano
First Christmas (alt. ver.) (2012) for flute, violoncello, and organ

For the Cool of the Day (2014) for alto saxophone and piano

Dedication: for Willie Sordillo; written in honor of victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana

Commission: Commissioned by Deb Washington, on behalf of Old South Church in Boston

Grant Them Eternal Rest (alt. ver.) (2014) for violoncello and organ
“Hope” Is the Thing… (2017) for soprano, mezzo soprano, and piano2:58 min.

Text from “‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers” by Emily Dickinson

Intercessions (2016) for soloists and organ
solo writing for flute, violoncello, oboe, alto saxophone, and treble voice
Intermezzo (2004) for violin or oboe, violin, and violoncello
Into the Light (2011, revised 2014) for violoncello and organ

Dedication: For Sam Ou, violoncello and Harry Huff, organ; in memory of Reverend Peter J. Gomes, Memorial Church, Harvard University

Just Because (2010, revised 2010) for soprano saxophone and piano

Lento cantabile (1994, revised 2010) for violoncello and piano

Excerpted from Rhapsody for violoncello and piano (1994)

Noël (2008, revised 2009) for brass quintet
Our Brother Is Born (2016) for flute, French horn, mixed choir, and organ

Words from “Now Every Child” by Eleanor Farjeon. Words: copyright © 1927, 1955 by Eleanor Farjeon. Used by permission.

Rainy Day (alt. ver. of Solace) (2010, revised 2010) for oboe, violin, and string ensemble
Remembering Alsace (2012) for flute and organ
Rhapsody (1994) for violoncello and piano
Romanze (2003, revised 2011) for string quartet