piano strings


Active in greater Boston, Erik Gustafson (born in 1972) has continued musical pursuits, striving towards themes of social awareness and betterment, healing, and spirituality. Throughout his endeavors, Erik has found inspiration in serving local community. Besides singing, playing the piano, and writing music in connection with his progressive home church: Old South Church in Boston, Erik has welcomed serving as a pianist for Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Tufts Medical Center. Known mainly as an “accomplished” composer, Erik has had several commissions and requests for new music. Both sacred and secular, these requests for new music have involved jazz-style, classical, and even cross-over pieces.

For several years, Erik’s original music has featured in a variety of occasions, including an event remembering the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings as well as celebrating the Boston Strong response. Also, Erik’s music has appealed to an international audience through his own YouTube channel and website. Locally, Erik’s music has had presentation in collaboration with established performers and ensembles. Vocal artists, such as Adriana Repetto, Alecia Batson, and Rob Woodin, and instrumentalists including Willie Sordillo, Harry Huff, and Sam Ou have performed as well as recorded Erik’s music. Acclaimed as “lyrical,” “neo-tonal,” “idiomatic,” and “visionary,” Erik’s musical output has also been called “physiologically correct (P.C.)” in the experience of it.

Having earned degrees in music from Harvard College and from Indiana University, School of Music (Bloomington), Erik has pursued opportunities for life-long learning. Having enjoyed studies with Alice Parker, Erik has also completed two residencies as Composer Fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA) in 2012 and 2016. More recently, Erik has looked forward to drawing more from his formal education as well as from diverse life experiences in making music for, about, and among community.