…may Music serve towards inclusive love, healing, and God’s abundant grace and blessings in the world;

and, may this music speak for itself.

“Speak, therefore, Music; speak.” – from “A Cry to Music,” a poem by John Masefield.


You have reached a website dedicated to sharing some original music: by American composer, Erik K. Gustafson, and also with a unique voice and distinct sensibilities. Here, you may discover fresh musical settings of traditional texts; and, you may discover relevant takes on contemporary issues through music. You may also find tracks of original piano and chamber music that reflect Erik’s classical training or that reflect his current leaning towards contemporary New Age and Jazz styles. Or, you may find just some tuneful music!

You may already be familiar with some of this music – as presented on YouTube, through the composer’s own world-wide channel. Or, you may be familiar with this music through services and events held at Old South Church in Boston, where Erik has contributed a variety of original musical works since 2001. In this latter setting, the composer has had the privilege of publicly sharing music within a progressive Christian community and open spiritual environment.

On this website, you are invited to experience this music in a variety of ways: through shared news and updates, through shared score excerpts, and through actual recorded music from live or studio-based performances. You are also invited to peruse Erik’s professional background through his Biography and downloadable Artistic Resume. And, you are invited to review the updates shared on this website, including Current Projects, Recent Performances, and an Events Archive.

Enjoy exploring this website and experiencing its content!

An original voice in contemporary and sacred music…

“Lyrical”    “Elegant”     “Neo-tonal”    “Accessible”    “Idiomatic”    “Cinematic”    “Organic”    “Physiologically correct (P.C.)”    “Visionary”

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Sheet music

Beyond Words: Erik Gustafson with Willie Sordillo

Recording to be included on a jazz album when full recording completed.

To support the full album, Good Evening Friends: A Jam Session, and/or to purchase “Beyond Words,” click here.

Cover Artwork: Faceted (mixed media on canvas) ©️

Allison Coelho Picone. All rights reserved. www.allisonpicone.com

Design: Jeremy Spiegel

Recent Premieres


Precious Lord/Everlasting Arms (2019)


for alto saxophone, double bass, solo voice, congregation, mixed choir, and piano


(Words: Thomas A. Dorsey and E. A. Hoffman

Tunes: Thomas A. Dorsey and A. J. Showalter)

Words and tunes used with permission

Premiered on Thursday, March 14th 2019 (Jazz Worship) at Old South Church in Boston


click here for Order of Worship from the premiere and more information


Sheet music

"Hope" Is the Thing... (2017)



(Words: Emily Dickinson)


Recorded performance by

Alecia Batson, soprano

Adriana Repetto, mezzo soprano


Erik Gustafson, piano


Sheet music

Christ Has No Body But Yours (2017)



(Words attributed to Teresa of Avila)


Recorded live performance from premiere by

Chancel Choir, Old South Church in Boston,

Tim Harbold, Interim Director

Erik Gustafson, piano


Premiered on Sunday, October 1st 2017 (World Communion Sunday) at Old South Church in Boston