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Do you appreciate the rhyme and reason of Classical music? Do you like the feeling and style of Jazz? Do you relish a good choral anthem, hymn, or Christmas carol? Do you find yourself humming a catchy melody or even having a good cry?

Are you looking for melodic, accessible music for your church choir, new works for solo piano, solo organ, or for small or chamber ensembles? Are you looking for song or choral settings of familiar and other meaningful texts?

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If you have answered in the affirmative to any or all of the above questions, then you have come to a good place. With this online resource, you are invited to explore the eclectic and diverse music I have written as a contemporary American composer. You may already be familiar with this music from live performance during services and events held at Old South Church in Boston. Or, you may be familiar with this music through recordings and through presentations shared on YouTube. Or, you may be able to recognize this music through its original nature or its own unique ‘sound-print’ or ‘sound’.

As part of an overall philosophy and approach, I continue to employ the art of music as a megaphone – in depicting, remembering, expressing certain ideas and feelings, and in lifting up important and often shared sentiments, ideals, and occasions. For instance, an original work from 2013, Alleluia: A Response, lifts up the Boston Strong response, principally relating to the Marathon bombings of that year. In addition, an original piece from 2017, Beyond Words, echoes a shared feeling: “there are no words,” in response to the unexpected passing of Harry Huff, former Minister of Music at Old South Church.

In addition, I continue to utilize the art of music as a practice of consoling and healing, especially in light of the observation of St. Catherine of Siena: “…but we travel by a broken road on broken limbs.” For instance, in conjunction with serving on the Congregational Care and Support committee of Old South Church in Boston, I composed a choral anthem in 2014: Let Us Love One Another, lifting up the caring network of the church as well as the ideas of the biblical texts and chant tune set to music. Also, later in 2018, a solo piano CD, For a Moment, will be released, featuring ten original compositions for piano. While created for a general audience toward respite and calm, the CD will hopefully have meaning for people suffering from PTSD, depression, bereavement, cancer, or other anxiety-producing conditions.

Through this website – UNDER DEVELOPMENT in 2018 – you can peruse the catalog of works (currently consisting of more than one hundred and fifty original compositions) and related descriptions shared in the above drop-down menu: Musical Works; and you can also listen to the Featured Work or the Featured Performance shared directly on this home page. Here, you can also hear excerpts from limited edition CD recordings given in the above drop-down menu: Full-Length Albums. In addition, you are invited to learn about highlights from my professional history, including current service as Composer-in-Residence for Old South Church in Boston.

May Music serve as an instrument of God’s inclusive love and abundant grace; and may this music have the opportunity to speak for itself.

“Speak, therefore, Music; speak.” —from “A Cry to Music,” a poem by John Masefield

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Recent Premieres

Take My Life And Let It Be for unaccompanied mixed choir (Words: Frances R. Havergal)

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Recent Recordings

Beyond Words for alto saxophone and piano

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Please note: for cover art: Faceted, mixed media on canvas, (C) Allison Coelho Picone. All rights reserved.


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"Hope" Is the Thing... (2017)



Recorded performance by

Alecia Batson, soprano

Adriana Repetto, mezzo soprano


Erik Gustafson, piano


Sheet music

Reverie for piano solo (2018)



as featured on the album, For a Moment (2018)

CD graphics designed by Jeremy Spiegel

Erik Gustafson, pianist and composer


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