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"Speak, therefore, Music; speak."

—from "A Cry to Music," a poem by John Masefield

Welcome! This website serves as a platform for sharing music of Erik Karl Gustafson online.

You may already be familiar with this music in performance from services and events held at Old South Church in Boston; or you may be familiar with this music through recordings and presentations shared on YouTube. You are invited to explore more about this music through this website. Here, you can delve into the catalog of works and related descriptions shared in the above drop-down menu: Musical Works; and you can also listen to the Featured Work or the Recent Performance shared directly on this home page. With this website, you are also invited to hear excerpts from Erik’s limited edition CD recordings given in the above drop-down menu: Full-Length Albums. In addition, you are invited to learn about highlights from Erik’s professional history. With this website, you are given free access to experience this music in several ways — whether as score excerpt, as full-length recording, or as description in the composer’s own words. It is hoped that by accessing this website you will experience the music as you wish in a visitor-friendly environment. You are encouraged to contact Erik with any professional inquiries. Most of all, may this music have the opportunity to speak for itself — enjoy!

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CD in Progress:

For a Moment

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Sheet music


Recording by Rob Woodin, baritone and Erik Gustafson, piano



Sheet music

Still Be Our God

Performance from Annual Meeting House Sunday: November 22, 2015, Old South Church in Boston

Bulletin for 11/22/15